H2QA - Lufttransformer

The Air Transformer

is the result of a nine year research study and presents a further development of the Water Transformer H2QW.

The particular shape of the Air Transformer, its geometry, the material and especially the circular motion in light, develop an impressive effect. The beauty which emerges into the room is considered by many people as notably peaceful and harmonious.

Test persons have stated that a pleasant effect occurs within a radius of approx. 1.2 metres of the Air Transformer. At present, no precise scientific surveys are available. Therefore: Please sit next to the Air Transformer and test its effect for yourself.

The Air Transformer was created for rooms where a balanced atmosphere is important or a disharmony should be neutralised:
– Therapy and meditation rooms
– Waiting rooms, hospitals
– Cashier’s desk halls, conference rooms
– Shop windows, living rooms
– Restaurants, etc.

The Air Transformer H2QA is delivered as an elegant package including lamp turntable, compatible halogen bulb lamp with transformer, timeswitch and mains cable.

Star Ø 90 mm, 100 g
CHF 1419.–