The Q-met products are based on the knowledge of sacred geometry, generating effects by using shapes (e.g. Platon, pyaramids. Their laws are not only reflected in Western Geomancy (e.g. building of cathedrals) , but also in Chinese Feng Shui. Mystic knowledge and scientific technology are combined in such a manner that an interplay can develop between matter, shape and vibration.

Following decades of research, Prof. Josef A. Huber developed a geometrical shape based on the principles and ideas of Dr. Reshad Feild who is the author of the books «The Last Barrier» and «The Alchemy of the Heart» et al.

All Q-met products have been and continue to be elaborately handmade in Switzerland ever since 1995. H2Q is a registered brand name and protected by patents.

Besides its products, Q-met also offers services such as the geomantic analysis and treatment of real estate, apartments or therapy rooms.

Q-met’s products don’t replace doctors or therapy. They aren’t to be seen as any kind of substitution whatsoever, but rather as a support.