M2Q - Discovery Rods

The Discovery Rods

are based on thousands of years of ancient knowledge about the inner balance of the human being. They unfurl a completely different effect from that of all other H2Q products: The Discovery Rods M2Q are aimed at balancing the electromagnetic field of the human body.

The tin rod (energy of the moon) of the Discovery Rods M2Q contains a special magnet, the copper rod (energy of the sun) contains compressed carbon. The rod’s construction manual derives from a manuscript by the Polish Earl Stefan Walewski. His work is based on Caucasian and Egyptian traditions. In the 1950s, only a few copies of his work were published in the USA.

These rods were made for the Pharaohs during the ancient Egyptian culture. For a long time, all knowledge about their fabrication and effect was only made accessible to insiders. At the School for Inner Work – founded by Dr. Reshad Field – which is committed to cultivating such knowledge, the Discovery Rods were tried, tested and refined over decades. The main objective of the Discovery Rods is to restore and maintain the balance of bodily energy.

It is advisable to use the Discovery Rods M2Q after a strenuous day; after exceptional stress resulting in tension; when symptoms of exhaustion appear or merely as a general support to help improve the energy balance.

At the end of the day, the rods are held in the hands for several minutes. When necessary, a combination of breathing exercises is also advisable. The rods come with numerous approved suggestions for exercises. Owing to their convenient size, they are easily applicable anytime and anywhere.

Ø 28 x 130 mm, 400 g
CHF 365.–